Every gift to the MBU Empowers Campaign, regardless of its size, cements Mary Baldwin’s legacy of empowering students and helps launch lives of purpose for decades to come.

Baldwin Fund

If our campus home, our MBU community, and our shared experience form the coils of the spring that launches our students, the Baldwin Fund supplies the tension that powers the spring. Your campaign gift to the Baldwin Fund enables our leadership to respond to a dynamic and changing campus in real time, providing resources for recruiting and retaining promising faculty members, reimbursing the cost of an internship, and ensuring that our students and our university continue to prosper in times of unforeseen challenges. Your gift to this campaign priority will have the greatest, most immediate impact.

Campaign Priorities

In the months to come, these causes will be critical to continuing the upward trajectory of not only our students, but our university itself. Gifts in support of these MBU Empowers initiatives will ensure that Mary Baldwin continues to nurture and unleash greatness in deserving young women and men.

MBU student smiling for a photo

Student scholarships and support

MBU student lifting weights at the Physical Activities Center

Expansion of the Physical Activities Center

MBU VWIL students carrying the flags

Construction of the center for leadership

MBU students working in Carpenter Hall

Carpenter Hall Renovation

MBU students working in Grafton library

Creation of Grafton Library Learning Commons

Endowment gifts

Endowments are forever. That’s what makes them so powerful. Endowments are unending funding streams that guarantee timeless support for what’s most important to you, the donor. Each year, 5% of the endowment goes directly to priorities designated by donors. That conservative withdrawal means the endowment will never disappear — which means it will continue feeding the university for generations to come. Endowments enable the university to look to the future with confidence that it will always have resources to discover and explore, to share knowledge, and to serve communities and families. Because of that, the value of an endowment is far more than the initial gift. The funds it generates are endless.

Learn more: To learn more about endowment giving, please contact Josh McCoy, Associate Vice President for University Advancement, at or 540-255-4752.

Let’s talk

Have a question about giving options, Campaign initiatives, or anything else about MBU Empowers? MBU’s Advancement leaders would love to talk with you.

image of Charles E. "Chuck" Davis III

Charles E. "Chuck" Davis III

Vice President of University Advancement
Image of Josh McCoy

Josh McCoy

Associate Vice President for University Advancement

“These are times that lead us to reflect on the people, places, and experiences that shaped us. For a countless number of our alumni and friends, the MBU Empowers Campaign provides an opportunity for exactly that. It’s a way to ensure that today’s students receive the same support that enabled so many of our graduates to fulfill their potential and launch lives of purpose.”
Pamela R. Fox