Here, every student is empowered to pursue a life of purpose and professional success.

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Throughout Mary Baldwin’s history, our students have been called upon to overcome upheaval and uncertainty. And at every turn, they have emerged not only stronger, but more determined to impact the world.

That is what the MBU Empowers campaign is about. It honors nearly 180 years of excellence by ensuring that the same perseverance that has flourished within our university will continue to flourish in the lives of young women and men. Together, our Mary Baldwin community, our shared experience, and our campus home have formed segments of a coil beneath the feet of entire generations.

We are more than a university, we are the springboard that launches potential.

We’re on our way to raising $25 Million to continue launching generations of graduates for years to come.


MBU Empowers is a comprehensive campaign with a $25 million goal. All gifts to MBU in the course of this multi-year effort will count toward the MBU Empowers campaign, resulting in a single, integrated fundraising initiative. This includes gifts to the Baldwin Fund, which supports every facet of life at Mary Baldwin and is our top giving priority.

Spring Into Action for MBU

The Baldwin Fund empowers

The Baldwin Fund serves as the heartbeat of MBU’s student-centered mission, enabling university leaders to address both opportunities and obstacles in real time. Examples of programs and people the fund supports include funding student internships, attracting and retaining exceptional faculty, and serving as a safety net in unprecedented circumstances such as the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether in times of plenty or great challenges, the Baldwin Fund is essential to a secure and prosperous future for our students and our university.